Kay's Square Dance Clubs
Uniting Squares Square Dance Club in Brisbane, Queensland Australia was established in 1986 and has been operating continuously ever since. The initial callers were Kay Walker and Brian Horsey, Kay has been the sole caller for over twenty years. Uniting Squares moved from Kenmore (after 25 years) to Oxley on the 29th September 2010.
In June 2017 club's profile changed due to poor attendance of Mainstream and Plus dancers. Interest in A-Level dancing prompted Kay to continue Uniting Squares as a A-Level club.
Kay's Plus. In December 2007 Kay held a Sunday afternoon Plus Dance at Oxley, in Brisbane. In February 2008 Kay commenced a regular dance and in August 2008 the dancers selected a name for the new club, Kay's Plus. In April 2009 the club moved to a larger hall for the membership had more than doubled by early 2009.
The January 2011 floods forced the Club to move to a temporary venue at Yeronga for a few months.
Uniting Squares Day Started in May 2013 at Chelmer then moved to Graceville the following month. The emphasis of this club is fun, exercise and socializing along with extended dancing.
Town and Country Squares In 2015 Kay was approached by Noel McKenzie, the then caller for Town and Country Squares, to call for the club starting in 2016 for Noel was retiring from calling. The club dances twice a week in different locations in Ipswich.
Uniting Squares Day enjoy the Mainstream and Plus programme along with extended dancing at the Basic to Plus levels.
Kay's Plus offers dancing for the experienced non-standard Plus Square Dancer (Extended, APD, DBD) and A-Level dancers. A lot of serious fun.

Town and Country Squares has an emphasis on fun in Square Dancing and socialising.
UNITING SQUARES DAY Meets each Wednesday of February through to December at the Pamphlett Sea Scouts, Nadine St. near corner with Graceville Ave, Graceville, Brisbane. Dancing and workshop levels are Basic, Mainstream and Plus. Dancing and teaching from late morning until early afternoon then BYO lunch in the park by the Brisbane River.

KAY'S PLUS offers a LEARNING and REFRESHER PLUS programme. It is held at 1:00 pm on the first and third (1st and 3rd) Sunday of February through to December at the Pamphlett Sea Scouts, Nadine St. near cnr with Graceville Ave.,Graceville, Brisbane.

KAY'S PLUS Dance meets at 2:30 pm on the first and third (1st and 3rd) Sunday of February through to November at the Pamphlett Sea Scouts, Nadine St. near corner with Graceville Ave., Graceville. When you dance at Kay's Plus you understand why the "Plus" in the logo is a mirror image. There is not too much "normal" dancing for it is mainly extended plus. Plus dancers are encouraged to dance from 1:00pm

TOWN AND COUNTRY SQUARES Meets at two different venues and times. The "Town" dance is held in the Ipswich, Booval,  and the "Country" dances is at a private venue with a view of the Bremer River and the country side. In May 2016 changes to the badge were made to improve legibility and replace "Brisbane" with "Ipswich".

KAY ALSO CALLS AND TEACHES A1 and A2. Currently there are NO regular A level dances and workshops. Kay's Plus Square Dance club offers A1 and / or A2 after the advertised dance times. Contact Kay or Aaron for more details.
At the Brisbane City Council Fifty Plus Centre in the Wynnum Room located in the basement of The Brisbane City Hall
Kay calls and teaches Mainstream and Plus at 10:30 am to noon on Tuesdays.
Kay's Square Dancing Profile
Kay started dancing in her teens in 1969 with Eric Wendell’s Wheeling Eights, at Milton, Brisbane. Eric was the first one to introduce Kay to calling. He asked her to enter a caller's competition within the club and gave Kay her first record, "I Walk The Line". There were two people in this contest and Kay came 2nd !
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